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Various Productions - Moving On - Music Video

Music video for the launch of Various Productions new single.


Director / Compositor - Lee Daley
Music By - Various.co.uk

Starring - Tamara Beckford
Producer - Dina Daley
Lighting / Dolly / Jib - Steven Archer & Kirk Miller-Lewis

Kurt Weill Cabaret trailer

Promotional trailer for a Kurt Weill Cabaret


Starring - Liza Sadovy & Walter van Dyk
Director - Lawrence Evans
Lighting and camera - Lee Daley
Additional camera - Kirk Miller-Lewis
Sound - Guido Lerner

Carte Noire Instinct - Interactive experiance timelaps

Timelaps capturing the building of an interactive experience for Carte Noire

Production - work club

Deptford Wharf - Experimental music video

A Experimental video

Pink Juice - Experimental animated music video

Various Productions - Air & Move Faster - Music Promo Video

Two short promo videos for various promoting their new tracks

Apple Day at The Evelyn Community Garden

Capturing Evelyn Community Garden's apple day

Production - mizmaea
Special thanks to - Evelyn Community Garden volunteers

Femi Temowo - The Story Tellers Psalm - Music Video

A conceptual video for Jazz guitarist Femi Temowo's second album Orin Meta.

Production - mizmaea
Dance choreography
- Simone Waller
Special thanks to - Kingston College dance students

Which? Digital - Apps & How we work

Two videos detailing new apps from which and a short detailing theway in which they work

Scamp 2012 a global network for pioneering women.

Scamp - A confernce aimed at women in the creative industries.

Production - she says

Slidr - Experimantal mucic video.

Experimantl video shot in Greenwich

An evening with the Brawling Billboard and his Badger

A short film documenting Matt Stafford and what he and some friends did for a Help for Heroes charity event.

Brawling Billboard - Matt Stafford
Creative Team - Matt Stafford, Dan Bradshaw, Alistair McKnight
Training Staff - Suley Mahmoud, Lee Brown, Chris Reilly, Marcus McDonnell Matthew Don, Sam Clohesy
Camera - Lee Daley, Steve Archer, Emil Rydberg
Photography - Daniella Baptista
Special thanks to - Help For Heroes, Lee Brown Events, Lost Boys International Execution Noble

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